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Community Action Partnership

The CAP was established in 1964 during President Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” CAP funding today is drawn down through Community Services Block Grants (CSBG). The CAP is designated by the County Board of Supervisors to specifically provide a focal point to coordinate and plan for the provision of community services that support, assist, and empower low-income people and to improve their quality of life. The CAP engages in three major activities to achieve this mission: contracting with nonprofit and public agencies for services – allocating $475,000 annually, collaborating with community stakeholders, and educational community activities.

CAP Plan

Download CAP Plan(64 KB)

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CAP Homeless Services Resource Guide

To access the Homeless Services Resource Guide for resources and contact information regarding homeless services in Monterey County click 'download resource guide' below:
Download Resource Guide(64 KB)

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CAP Service Directory

To access a list of service providers and locations in Monterey County click 'download directory' below:
Download Directory(342 KB)

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Community Action Commission (CAC) Agenda

To access CAC Agendas select a link below:
September 2015(28 KB)
June 2015(28 KB)
May 2015(28 KB)
February 2015(28 KB)
September 2014(12 KB)
Summer Break Notice(12 KB)
July 2014(12 KB)
June 2014(12 KB)
May 2014(12 KB)
April 2014(12 KB)
March 2014(12 KB)
February 2014(12 KB)
January 2014(12 KB)
2014 Meeting Schedule(10 KB)

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Community Action Commission (CAC) Minutes

To access CAC Minutes select a link below:
July 2014(43 KB)
June 2014(43 KB)
May 2014(43 KB)
April 2014(43 KB)
March 2014(43 KB)
February 2014(43 KB)
January 2014 Cancel Notice(43 KB)

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