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Family and Children’s Services

The Family and Children’s Services Branch offers child protective services, foster care services, and adoption services to children and youth in Monterey County. The mission of FCS is to prevent the occurrence of child abuse and neglect. Service goals strive to keep children and youth safe and within the protection of a permanent family.

24 Hour Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services are mandated by Federal and State Law to investigate and respond to all allegations of suspected child abuse and neglect. Reports of abuse and neglect can be reported to these hotlines:

          1-800-606-6618      or      831-755-4661

In addition to calling the hotline, Mandated Reporters may fax or email the Suspected Child Abuse Report (SCAR) provided below:

Suspected Child Abuse Report (41.8 KB)

Suspected Child Abuse Report Instructions (41.8 KB)

Suspected Child Abuse Report(42 KB)

Reports of child abuse are to be called into the hotline.  In addition to calling the hotline, Mandated Reporters can fax or email reports of child abuse.

Confidential email address for use by Mandated Reporters

Confidential Fax number 831-796-8529 for use by Mandated Reporters

More information about child protection program and forms can be found at the State of California Office of the Attorney General at

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Pathways to Safety

Pathways to Safety is a new approach for the child welfare system to respond to calls that come into the Child Protective Services (CPS) hotline. Through Pathways to Safety families that do not meet the legal definition for abuse and neglect are connected with community resources to address the underlying causes that may have triggered the call to Child Protective Services. With an emphasis on early intervention, Pathways to Safety offers support and assistance services to families whose circumstances do not warrant a more urgent response. The goal is to keep children safe in their home and out of the child welfare system.

Pathways to Safety is not a program open to referrals. The only entry into Pathways to Safety is by calling the CPS Hotline.

For more information click on the links below:

Pathways Fact Sheet (6 MB)

Pathways At A Glance (622 KB)

Pathways to Safety Presentation (701 KB)

Pathways to Safety Outcome Report 4/10 - 3/11(2.5 MB)

Pathways to Safety Outcome Report 4/11 - 3/12(2.5 MB)

Pathways to Safety Outcome Report 4/14 - 3/15(16 KB)

For More information: 831-783-1244

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Family to Family

Family to Family is an approach in foster care services that involves the family and community members in making placement decisions and aspires to find and maintain foster and kinship families who can support children and families in their own neighborhoods. This approach to foster care services builds support to keep families together or to bring families back together.

For more information please go to:

Salinas: 831-755-4475
TTY/TTD Phone #: (831) 899-8248

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Foster Care Services

Foster parents are a very important source of care and support for children when they are not able to remain safely in their own homes. Foster parents help children through difficult times with love, comfort, and guidance. While in foster care a child receives food, clothing and shelter. Foster parents arrange for medical care as needed, and help children grow through educational, cultural and social experiences.

Salinas: 831-755-4475
TTY/TTD Phone #: (831) 899-8248

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Family and Children’s services is a licensed adoption agency that works to arrange permanent home placements for children. Adoption services include recruitment and screening of prospective parents, training and educational services, and finalizing adoptions.

Salinas: 831-755-4475

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Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)

The goal of CAPC of Monterey County is to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect. To achieve this goal CAPC coordinates prevention and awareness efforts in Monterey County. They provide free training for mandated reporters, educators, child care workers, and non-profit agencies that work with children. CAPC is a prime sponsor in support of community events and non-profit agencies who provide an array of family services. Members of the Council are appointed by the Board of Supervisors and represent a broad cross section of public officials, service organizations, and Monterey County citizens.

Salinas: 831-755-4475

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