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Keyword Index

The Department of Social Services administers over seventy programs, with many using technical jargon or unwieldy acronyms that make locating specific information difficult. This is particularly true for people unfamiliar with the organizational structure of the department. This Keyword Index attempted to sort out some of that language and provide quick and easy navigation direction to users.

Keyword Related LInk(s)
AAA Aging and Adult Services
Abuse, Adult Aging and Adult Services, Area Agency on Aging
Abuse, Child Family and Children's Services, Child Abuse Prevention Council
Acronyms Alphabet Soup
Adoption Family and Children's Services
CalWORKs CalWORKs, One-Stop Career Center
Career Opportunities Human Resources, One-Stop Career Center, CalWORKs
Child Abuse Family and Children's Services, Child Abuse Prevention Council
Child Care CalWORKs
Community Action Partnership Community Action Partnership
Day Care CalWORKs
Elder Abuse Aging and Adult Services
Eligibility Community Benefits
Employment One-Stop Career Center, Office for Employment Training, Human Resources
Employment Opportunities CalWORKs, Human Resources, One-Stop Career Center
CalFresh CalFresh (Formerly named Food Stamps)
Foster Care Family and Children's Services
Home Care Public Authority for IHSS, Aging and Adult Services
Home Care Registry Aging and Adult Services, Public Authority for IHSS
Hotline, Child Abuse Reporting Family and Children's Services
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority for IHSS, Aging and Adult Services
Income Community Benefits
Jobs CalWORKs, Human Resources
King City, California Office Locations
MediCAL Medical, Aging and Adult Services
Outreach Community Benefits, MC-CHOICE
Salinas, California Office Locations
Seaside, California Office Locations
Seniors Aging and Adult Services
Social Work Aging and Adult Services, Family and Children's Services
Veterans Military and Veterans Affairs
Welfare Community Benefits
Welfare-to-Work CalWORKs