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Press Room - 2011 Archives

Public Information Office:

The Public Information Office is located within the office of the Director and is the office responsible for the coordination of department communications. The goals of the Public Information Office are to present clear information to the public regarding the department's policies, programs, and services; to promote understanding and advocacy for the department's initiatives, vision, and mission; and to actively reach out to the community and media representatives, by promoting information that highlights and illustrates the work of the department.

Media Inquires Contact: Sam Trevino, Public Information Officer, (831) 755-4447,

Press Releases:

Fostering permanent family connections for children and youth
Monterey County Foster Caregivers honored
May 9, 2011

Salinas, Ca. – On Saturday May 14, 2011 Monterey County foster families will be honored at the Annual Foster Caregiver Barbeque at Toro Park. This event is a celebration of National Foster Care Month.... [more]

February 15, 2011

The Monterey County Department of Social & Employment Services, Community Action Partnership is conducting a Public Hearing. The Community Action Partnership funds services to the low-income... [more]

News Articles:

New measure shows higher rate of poverty
November 8, 2011

WASHINGTON — A record number of Americans — 49.1 million — are poor, based on a new census measure that for the first time takes into account rising medical costs and other expenses. [more]

State energy program helps seniors with bills
Savings can amount to hundreds of dollars a year
November 7, 2011

Seniors and others who live on a fixed income can save an average of $500 to $600 a year on energy bills through a program called California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE). [more]

Nonprofit will offer ride service for seniors
November 7, 2011

A nonprofit organization is launching a low-cost car service that will take older citizens anywhere they need to go in the greater Monterey Peninsula area starting Jan. 10. [more]

Poverty stretches food lines in Monterey County
September 28, 2011

You don't need to tell Dave from Salinas what he already knows: Newly released figures show an increase locally for those living below the poverty line. No parsing of data was needed for... [more]

The Price of Aging
Budget cuts slash senior services just when aging baby boomers need them
September 1, 2011

For Jo Anne Curtis, 61, of Salinas, the Alliance on Aging’s group peer counseling is what’s keeping her aging parents alive and independent. Her 88-year-old father is blind, hard of hearing... [more]

One-fourth of Monterey County children living in poverty
Lack of steady family incomes cited
August 20, 2011

More than one of every four children in Monterey County lives in poverty, a dramatic increase from previous years, according to a newly released study. Childhood poverty in the county jumped... [more]

Bleeding Budgets
County social services tense up as budget axes swing
August 11, 2011

Kathleen Adamson says a perfect storm is brewing. The executive director of the YWCA of Monterey County speaks anxiously about cuts to the funding sources that keep local social service... [more]

Disabilities services take a budget hit
July 8, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state budget without reaching agreement with Republican legislators to place tax extensions on the ballot. The budget agreement would postpone any statewide election on... [more]

Study: Medicaid does make a difference after all
July 7, 2011

WASHINGTON—Signing up for Medicaid could improve your overall health and financial security, says a surprising new study that offers clues on how President Barack Obama's health care overhaul... [more]

Rock Bottom
Without funding, a recovery program for homeless families could lose everything
June 9, 2011

Rachel Hernandez had been sleeping on the streets of Greenfield for a year when she became pregnant with her fourth child and decided it was time to quit meth. After enrolling in an addiction recovery... [more]

Monterey County gives foster kids a voice
May 5, 2011

A group that is rarely heard from is gaining its voice: Foster kids. Wednesday night, a panel spoke out at the Maya Cinemas in Oldtown Salinas, part of a first-ever foster families film festival. [more]

Soapbox: As long as domestic violence persists, no child, family is safe
April 15, 2011

Rising cases of domestic violence is a cause of concern for the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Monterey County (CAPC) as we attempt to understand the epidemic of rage that impacts women... [more]

Salinas officials participate in D.C. gang violence conference
April 5, 2011

WASHINGTON — Reducing gang violence depends on teamwork among government agencies and community involvement, according to presentations at a Department of Justice forum Monday. [more]

Central Coast officials blast congressional GOP proposed budget cuts
Monterey County officials ask why aid for jobless is targeted
February 28, 2011

WASHINGTON — As Congress threatens to slash federal spending for many key domestic programs over the remainder of fiscal year 2011, Salinas-area officials have just one response: The timing... [more]

Budget Fatalities
Cuts to home care worker hours could mean life or death for some disabled
February 17, 2011

Lexie Cabrera wears her hair in pigtails and makes eye contact, but it’s impossible to tell whether she can detect her father’s anger about proposed budget cuts to help balance California’s $25 billion deficit. [more]

2-1-1 Monterey County connecting statewide
February 14, 2011

When Monterey County's 2-1-1 telephone help line marked its second anniversary on Friday, there was lots to celebrate. More than 27,000 people have benefited from free health and human services... [more]

Unemployment is a season in Monterey County
January 15, 2011

Cyclical employment part of life for hospitality, agricultural workers. The agricultural and hospitality base of Monterey County's economy essentially ensures that some workers will lose hours and perhaps... [more]