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Press Room - 2012 Archives

Public Information Office:

The Public Information Office is located within the office of the Director and is the office responsible for the coordination of department communications. The goals of the Public Information Office are to present clear information to the public regarding the department's policies, programs, and services; to promote understanding and advocacy for the department's initiatives, vision, and mission; and to actively reach out to the community and media representatives, by promoting information that highlights and illustrates the work of the department.

Media Inquires Contact: Sam Trevino, Public Information Officer, (831) 755-4447,

Press Releases:

Area Agency on Aging Seeks Members for Advisory Council
September 20, 2012

The Area Agency on Aging is seeking Monterey County residents to sit on its Advisory Council. The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is a funder of senior services in Monterey County.  [more]

What Does Family Mean To You?
Monterey County Foster Caregivers honored
May 1, 2012

Salinas, Ca. – For one 10 year old foster child, the answer is Elizabeth and Hector Loeza. The Loeza’s are Monterey County’s 2012 Caregivers of the Year. On May 19, 2012 Monterey County.... [more]

News Articles:

Job Closeout
Economic Development Department braces for calamity with looming Capital One, Fresh Express layoffs
August 16, 2012

As two major Salinas employers prepare to slash staff, bare-bones county employment services are hoping a $1 million grant can help almost 950 workers get back on their feet. [more]

Soledad Farmer’s Market update
June 20, 2012

SOLEDAD - On Thursday’s Farmer’s Market last week, many market goers came with their reusable bags to shop for their weekly fresh produce, fruit and flowers where the market ran from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. [more]

Stand Down event lends a hand to homeless veterans
June 19, 2012

A "stand down" in military lingo means a time for troops to come in out of the field, to a firebase where they can get showers, clean clothes, medical attention, hot chow and a few nights' sleep on a cot. [more]

Monterey County program KickStart teaches more than just searching
May 23, 2012

Alex Cervantes Medina of Salinas figures he knows why he rarely gets a response to the job applications he fills out... [more]

Veterans supporters disappointed in appeals court ruling on VA mental health system
May 8, 2012

Supporters of veterans' programs expressed disappointment Tuesday about the rejection of a lawsuit that sought to force the Veterans Administration to overhaul a system of mental health care for... [more]

Salinas assesses fallout of Capital One layoffs
Effort on to aid job transition
May 3, 2012

Local officials on Thursday continued to gauge and soften the fallout of Capital One's impending departure from Salinas. "We've got upwards of 14 percent unemployment in our county," said Jim Cook... [more]

Seniors need sound local transportation services
April 26, 2012

My grandfather, Morgan Flagg, had many possessions, including an esteemed art collection; however, when asked what his prized possession was? His car. He wasn't referring to any... [more]

Stake Your Claim, Smart tax prep puts more dollars into the community
February 16, 2012

Lori is a single mom with two kids in college. She works full-time at a local jewelry store and her daughters work part-time as well. With an annual salary of $20,000, her budget is very tight and she was ... [more]

State of Hunger, The battle against food scarcity in California
February 16, 2012

A decade ago, Tammy Jaime lost everything to drugs. She and her husband spent through their savings, lost their home and car, and ended up in the rural northern California mountains, begging for food... [more]

Hunger Pains, With more than a quarter of Monterey County’s children living in poverty, accessing food takes priority
February 16, 2012

Children ride around on tricycles in the King City Fairgrounds parking lot. They look like they’ve gathered to play on a sunny morning, under the watch of grown-ups who stand around talking, some... [more]

Maintaining benefits for seniors
February 6, 2012

As more and more baby boomers become eligible for Medicare, it is increasingly important to maintain and continue expanding the benefits provided to our older citizens. [more]

Editorial: Salinas baby's injury signals a broken system
February 1, 2012

A Salinas father is facing the prospect of being prosecuted for seriously hurting his 2-month-old son by shaking him. On Dec. 14, Salinas police learned that an infant was in the emergency room of a... [more]