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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Branch provides department-wide central support services to staff and recipients.

General Accounting

The General Accounting Unit provides the deartment with a number of fiscal support services including: budgeting, accounts payable/ receivable, employee reimbursements, program/contract monitoring, financial reporting and tracking of expenses and revenues to ensure transactions are processed and recorded properly, efficiently, and in accordance with federal, state and county guidelines.

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The Contracts Unit provides assistance to the Department by ensuring that departmental contracts are complete and consistent with departmental and county guidelines. Activities include reviewing contracts, technical assistance to staff on contract negotiations/scope of services/board reports, obtaining insurance documentation from contractors and contract tracking.

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Statistics and Reporting

The Statistics and Reporting Unit uses the department’s various information sources to provide:

  • Forecasts and projections for budgeting purposes
  • Standard monthly and quarterly reports
  • Data analysis

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Systems Support

The Systems Support Unit is engaged in supporting internal and statewide information systems and technical projects. Activities include the procurement, implementation, maintenance, and operations of all information systems and hardware utilized by employees. Systems support is also involved in establishing roles, responsibilities, and guidelines needed to protect and secure County information technology resources and data. The staff provides expertise and consultation for automation solutions in support of the department’s goals and mission.

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Assistance Claiming and Statistical Reporting

The Assistance Claiming and Statistical Reporting Unit reconciles assistance payments to county expenditure records. Expenditures are claimed for reimbursement to the county from various funding streams via a complex system of monitoring, tracking and reporting in both an automated and manual environment. Caseload numbers and caseload activity is tracked and reported at the federal state and local level.

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Benefits Issuance and Recovery

The Benefit Issuance (BI) Unit interacts directly with the public for issuance of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for cash and food aid, with undelivered mailed warrants, and manually issued warrants. The unit is responsible for monitoring benefit issuance reports and completing reconciliations of various benefit authorization systems.

The Benefit Recovery (BRU) Unit is responsible for the collection of inaccurate benefits payments and maintains all benefit overpayment and loan records. The unit monitors automated billing systems and responds to various public inquiries.

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Administrative Support

The Administrative Support Unit is responsible for the purchasing and procurement of goods and services, storage, retrieval and destruction of case files and records, facility management and planning of space needs, mail distribution and reproduction, oversight and management of the vehicle fleet and coordinating telecommunications needs with County Information Technology Department.

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