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Director's Message

Welcome to the Monterey County Department of Social Services (DSS) webpage. At DSS we are committed to promoting a caring service community. We invite you to our offices for information and assistance. You can learn much more about whom we are and the services we provide at this website.

One of our major goals is community outreach – many people in our community can benefit from the assistance DSS provides. It is our goal to ensure members of the community are informed about our services and have access to our offices.

  • To get help in finding a job or getting in touch with job training opportunities
  • To get temporary financial help between jobs
  • To get benefits while working in a lower wage job that doesn’t provide health insurance for your children
  • To get CalFresh, (formerly food stamps), to help overcome hunger
  • To get home care if you are aged or disabled so you can stay in your home rather than a nursing home or other institutional setting
  • To see to it that children are not abused or neglected by their parents or guardians
  • And, to support elders who may be facing exploitation or neglect.

“Our goal is to work together with you to make our community a better place for all our residents!”

Even though most of our programs have eligibility rules that don’t allow us to serve all, if you need the support and assistance we have available please apply as we would rather you get that support when eligible than miss out on it. For people who are not eligible, yet have service needs, DSS funds a number of non-profit agencies around the community that may also help out. To search for other resources in the community, you can go to the resource directories section of our webpage to search out services that may address your needs.

Also, if you are community advocate, student, researcher or just an interested person, I hope you look around our webpage and find the reports we publish at this site valuable.

Remember, our goal is to work together with you to make our community a better place for all our residents!