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Our Mission

To promote the social and economic self reliance of each individual and family we serve through:

  • Employment Services
  • Temporary financial assistance
  • Social support services
  • Protective services to children, dependent adults and seniors
  • Partnerships with the community to develop and support social change, highlighting personal responsibility and self-sufficiency


We value:

  • Leadership that demonstrates vision, knowledge, dedication, competence, compassion and results
  • Self-sufficiency as a measurement of our community’s economic and social health
  • Quality services that are delivered with integrity, innovation, and that respects cultural diversity
  • Full participation by persons we serve in making decisions that affect their lives
  • Lifelong learning and the development of job skills
  • Internal and external client and customer satisfaction as one of the most important measures of our success

Values in Action

We will:

  • Lead by example
  • Encourage active participation of all community members in addressing social concerns
  • Assist and support the persons we serve to better meet the challenges of their lives
  • Encourage personal and professional development in realizing one’s potential
  • Promote collaboration throughout our community