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Department Overview

The Monterey County Department of Social Services administers over seventy programs that daily serve an estimated 100,000 residents of Monterey County. Department services include a variety of public assistance programs, employment services, and social services for children and their families, adults with disabilities, seniors, and military veterans. The Department is the designated agency responsible for the investigation of child, dependent adult and elder abuse in Monterey County.

Community Benefits
The Community Benefits Branch provides temporary public assistance benefits and services to assist eligible residents of Monterey County meet their basic needs. Programs include Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families, General Assistance, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, and CalWORKs. Eligibility for these public benefits is based upon income and resource levels.

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One Stop Career Center - CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES)
CalWORKs employment services provides assistance to adults required to participate in employment related activities as a condition of receiving cash assistance including employment retention support after a person no longer receives cash assistance. Employment services are tailored to meet individual customer needs. Services include vocational assessment, employment readiness and job appraisal, education and job training services, linkages to community services and ongoing case management support.

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Aging and Adult Services
The Aging and Adult Services Branch provides support and assistance to people with disabilities, seniors, and their family caregivers. The goal of Aging and Adult Services is to prevent or delay institutionalization of the frail elderly and dependent adults. Services include 24 hour reporting and investigations of elder and dependent adult abuse (Adult Protective Services), In-Home Supportive Services, the SSI-Advocacy Program, and senior information and assistance services.

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Military and Veterans Affairs Office
The Military and Veterans Affairs Office provides support and assistance to veterans, their survivors, and dependents through a variety of service activities. Services include outreach, advocacy, preparation of benefit claims, and transportation to VA healthcare facilities in San Jose and Palo Alto, and information and referral services.

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Family and Children’s Services
The Family and Children’s Services Branch provides an array of support services that promote the prevention of child abuse, and the strengthening of families. Services include 24 hour reporting and investigations of child abuse (Children’s Protective Services); Pathways to Safety, an early intervention program; Family to Family, a community based approach to supporting families; Foster Care, and Adoptive Services.

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