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Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services

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Public Authority Registry
"Making Connections that Help"

What is the Public Authority Registry?
The Public Authority is an agency established to operate a Registry of providers willing to work for IHSS consumers. The Public Authority assists with matching consumer need to Individual Provider (IP) experience and task preference. Services provided by the Registry assist people who need help with daily activities with the aim of helping them to remain safely in their own homes.

Public Authority Provider Handbook

Autoridad Pública - Manual del Proveedores

Provider Application    Provider Update

Our mission at the Registry is to:

  • Assist those who need care in their own homes to be empowered to live safely and with dignity
  • Support IPs in providing that care for Consumers
  • Provide IPs and their consumers with support, information, and mediation

Finding a Job as an In-Home Care Provider

The Public Authority Registry is a program that brings together people who need care in their own homes with IPs who want to provide that care. The Public Authority Registry can help put IPs in touch with individuals who are disabled and/or elderly and need help to live safely in their homes. IPs can help consumers in many important ways, including:

  • Preparing meals and feeding
  • Keeping the house clean
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping and laundry
  • Assisting with personal care

Although IP paychecks come from the State of California, the consumer they are providing the care to is their employer and is responsible for hiring, training, supervising and – if need be – firing their IP. In short, an IP can become a trusted and very important partner in allowing the consumer who hires them to live independently in their own home.

Steps Needed for an active IHSS Provider to Join the Registry

To join the Public Authority Registry, an IHSS Provider must successfully complete the following steps:

  • Be an active IHSS provider
  • Complete the on-line Registry application
  • Provide two (2) professional references
  • Interview with Public Authority Social Worker

Monterey County Public Authority has a limited budget to offer health insurance to a limited number of eligible IHSS providers. The health insurance plan is offered through Central Coast Alliance on Health and features a $15.00 per month premium. Eligible providers will be placed on a waitlist when there are no current slots available for health insurance. The minimum eligibility requirement is working for an IHSS recipient for at least 80 hours per month for three consecutive months.

Another benefit of working for the Registry is being able to update your work availability 24 hours a day. With the online Registry update button, you can enter your work preference days and times, geographic areas, change of name, address or telephone, any time you need to. This will allow the Registry to maintain up-to-date information about IP work availability, and make the best match between consumers and IPs.

Thank you for your interest in applying as a provider for the In-Home-Supportive-Services (IHSS) Public Authority Registry. The first step in becoming a provider is to complete the Provider Enrollment process by going to and look for REVA (on-line Orientation). If you need assistance with the REVA please call 831-755-4466. If you have a client that you are planning to work for and DO NOT want to be referred to other clients you DO NOT need to complete this application. If you are interested in working for other clients please complete this application after you have received your “Welcome” letter as an IHSS provider when the enrollment process has been completed.

If your client is wanting you to be a paid provider but is not receiving In Home Supportive Services, then do not complete this application but please contact the information and referral social worker at 831 755-4466.

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